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Lichtmond 3: Days of Eternity (2014)

5483 Views.     FOR 3D TV, CLICK HD/TV
Sound architects Giorgio and Martin Koppehele continue their artistic journey by setting another audiovisual milestone. Perfect sound and a fabulous, song-based story merge in the Lichtmond 3 experience that takes you on a fantastic journey to the pristine world of the planet 'Chronos' - the universal giver of time - where time disappears, time goes and time is born. Sometimes hypnotic, sometimes spherical, sounds float over massive rock guitars or slow-motion beats. A magic triangle of electronics, ethno and rock songs, big voices and poignant poetry shape the pure originality of Lichtmond. While audio-magic fascinates anew, perfectly composed visual worlds put the viewer under their spell more than ever. Lichtmond with its spectacle of fantastic images presents a complete story combined with a perfect dramatic arc.